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Photographer + 

Environmental Artist

I am interested in using photography to transform and re-mystify the world, to explore the emotional resonances of different environments, and to create a connection between place and viewer. A friend once described it as taking a picture with something rather than of something. Thus my landscapes avoid the iconic and pre-approved vistas of the American west, instead focusing on more challenging aspects of the western landscape. I am interested in the flatness of the salt and mud that cover hundreds of square miles in Utah and Nevada, the abandoned industrial sites that mark the desert as a locus of unsustainable human ambition, and the seasonal wetlands that foster little more than grass and algae. These are subjects that I find more satisfying and worth exploring. In part because they clash with the common understanding of what makes nature worth protecting and preserving.  

In my environmental work the primary goal is to use commonly available materials such as rocks, leaves, mud, salt, and the broader landscape itself to explore form in a simple and direct manner.

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