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Current Project: 

Solar - Ruin

Solar - Ruin is a photography-based installation about a stunning abandoned industrial site near Hinkley, Utah. The images present an aesthetic exploration of the site, in particular its unusual towers that are strange in form and ambiguous in function. Their otherworldly appearance is complicated by their muted formal and emotional relationships with a variety of other structures such as agricultural windmills, nautical rigging, large telescopes, kites and bicycle wheels. These similarities create an emotional resonance that plays on our memory in a way that is familiar without being obvious enough to make the site feel simple or known. While site specific photography nearly always has a documentary component, the purpose of this installation is not to explain or demystify the site but rather to preserve the sense of mystery and wonder than one feels when entering it for the first time. Thus keeping alive questions around what exactly happened here, and instilling the sense that the site itself is a type of found art object.

Solar - Ruin will be on display at the Bountiful-Davis Art Center from Jan 9 - Feb 20 2021

The image "After" from this series won the Award of Excellence at the 54th National Mother Lode Art Exhibit in Sacramento CA, November 2020.

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